MaxHealth – Leading International Private Medical Insurance in Dubai / UAE

Website Relaunch including new brand design with a focus on achieving the perfect balance between information richness and comprehension, while highlighting the corporate values of the German management as a key part of the Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

The Project MaxHealth

Since its inception in 2014, the insurance company has evolved from a startup to a prominent player in the field of private health insurance in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

As a result, there have been shifts in expectations and the desired external image. Additionally, MaxHealth aimed to communicate its corporate values even more distinctly.

It was also imperative to coordinate with the main partner, Foyer Global Health from Luxembourg. FGH was simultaneously working on the relaunch of their website.

Anfrageformular ithub

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Pläne Startseite MaxHealth

Convey large amounts of information in a smart and appealing way

As with any insurance, there is a plethora of information that potential clients seek to find immediately and effortlessly. Of course, they should also maintain a clear overview.

Hence, one of the primary goals and challenges was to present this information in a straightforward manner. To achieve this, a concept with a well-defined design strategy was formulated.

Chris is a creative genius and very generous on recognizing client’s ideas at the same time. He’s even given me points and steps on how to navigate wordpress for the website’s maintenance which is a very generous gesture of him.

I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a professional looking website. Not only is the website design excellent but the quality and speed of service from him was superb.

Chris truly understood what was needed for our business website and was on hand at each stage to guide us and always extremely approachable 🙂

Vince Guba Marketing Executive MaxHealth

Vince Guba

Marketing Executive, MaxHealth

New Brand- & Screendesign

Relaunch of the Corporate Website

Introduction to WordPress

Integrate Google Analytics


Clear messaging, image selection and early placement of company values

The hero section received a clear message, ‚Leading International Private Medical Insurance,‘ defining what MaxHealth represents.

The chosen image establishes an immediate connection with Dubai, while the handshake conveys reliability and responsibility.

Below, the company values of reliability, flexibility, and efficiency were positioned quite early. Why early? Because these values are integral to the insurance’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP), providing an advantage over competitors.

MaxHealth Krankenversicherung in Dubai

Mobile Ansicht:

Maxhealth plan details mobile

Responsive presentation of the insurance plans 

In depicting the plans, the challenge lay in effectively and comprehensibly conveying a substantial amount of information.

Particularly on mobile devices, this can be quite demanding. Through the use of a mobile-optimized table display, we facilitate interactive navigation and enhance clarity.

Desktop view:

Plans MaxHealth

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Step-by-step how to use pages to minimize support requests

In Dubai, the healthcare system comprises various networks. MaxHealth collaborates with two providers to offer its customers a comprehensive service range.

Depending on the network, policyholders follow distinct processes to report insurance claims.

For each network, dedicated ‚How-to-Use‘ pages illustrate the procedures within the respective network. Consequently, policyholders understand how to navigate insurance claims, obtain reimbursements, schedule medical appointments via the TruDoc app, or arrange home delivery of medications in the event of an insurance claim.

The essential features of the providers‘ apps are also showcased. These pages primarily serve to assist policyholders efficiently and effectively. However, they also aim to curtail support inquiries.

Mobile Apps MaxHealth Projekt
How to use MedNet

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Core Values MaxHealth
About us Vince Guba

About us pages with transpartent insights into the values and employees

The ‚About Us‘ page has been deliberately designed to be comprehensive and transparent, a rarity in the insurance industry. Personally, I have never seen it presented in this manner before, but I find it extremely positive.

MaxHealth provides insights into the company’s culture, its history, and even highlights the ‚Insurance Heroes‘ – the employees – complete with portrait photos and individual statements.

Sven Reinicke MaxHealth
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